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FishEx Alaska Seafoods Review

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Our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award winner, FishEx Alaska Seafoods, based in Anchorage, Alaska, is another leader among our seafood market products, and we’re pleased to share this business with you. FishEx is noted for their Alaska-centric fresh seafood and Alaskan-themed prepared food products, as well as providing the most thorough community features compared to any other site reviewed in our matrix. More than deserving of our praise, FishEx Alaska Seafoods is a must-see site for any shopper on the hunt for the delicacies from the Bering Sea and Alaskan freshwater rivers.

Standout Features

  • Memorable inventory, including fresh Alaskan Red King Crab and Giant Snow Crab Legs, fresh Wild Salmon, Black Cod fillets, Alaska Scallops and Reindeer Sausage
  • Order tracking
  • Seafood gift boxes
  • Perfect score in “Community” features\

FishEx Alaska Seafoods is the premier online Alaskan seafood merchant. They offer both fresh King Crab and fresh Snow Crab depending on the season (look on their site for a calendar showing when the various crab species are available). The same goes for their Wild Salmon offerings (including Yukon River salmon), with fresh Salmon only offered seasonally (but flash-frozen Salmon available year round). Other Alaska-centric products FishEx sells includes their Black Cod Fillets (also known as Sablefish - very buttery) and their alder-smoked Reindeer Sausage.


FishEx Alaska Seafoods has an inventory unlike any other product listed on our Seafood Market Review site. Since they are based in Anchorage, Alaska, they have access to some of the freshest and most unique seafood on the planet. Fresh King Crab (Red Giant) is available fresh seasonally (and available frozen all-year round). They also sell a variety of other crab, including Dungeness Crab Legs and fresh Alaskan Snow Crab Legs (Giant Snow available too).

If you’re looking for fish (especially Salmon), FishEx will dazzle you. Their fresh and frozen fish varieties include Black Cod (Sablefish), Copper River King Salmon, Yukon King Salmon, White King Salmon, Alaska Sockeye Salmon, Alaska Coho Salmon, Yukon Fall Silverbrite Salmon, Alaska Halibut and fresh Alaskan Cod. FishEx also sells jumbo Alaska Scallops, Alaska Spot Shrimp, smoked seafood and freshly made Crab Cakes and other delicious prepared foods.


FishEx meets most of the items in the “Extras” category of our matrix. FishEx’s recipes area of their site is chock-full of recipes, from their Bacon Wrapped Alaska Scallops recipe to their Thyme-Crusted Alaska Black Cod on Braised Red Onions recipe. They also list several how-to cooking videos for the seafood they sell, including a helpful video on how to cook Halibut on a wooden plank. If their Top 10 most viewed recipes interests you, that too is available (in the blue left column of the recipes page). The #1 most viewed recipe, naturally, is Steamed King Crab.

An impressive amount of information, thorough from top to bottom, regarding buying, cooking, and serving Crab Legs can also be found on FishEx’s site. Their “King Crab 101” page will make you an expert in all things King Crab and as knowledgeable (on crab types) as any fisherman on Deadliest Catch. Red, Blue, Golden, and the rare Scarlet Red, are the sole King Crab varieties (one such factoid you’ll learn on the “101” site).

Gift certificates and gift boxes are also available at FishEx Alaskan Seafoods. Gift certificates begin in the amount of $25 and are instantly emailed to your recipient upon purchase (gift certificate recipients can check their balance anytime on FishEx’s site too). Also, FishEx’s gift boxes are the surest way to impress. “The King Crab Special” is just one of their amazing gift boxes and includes Captain’s Reserve King Crab, King Crab Bisque and King Crab Cakes.

Obviously, FishEx Alaska Seafoods is an excellent place to shop for any seafood lover. Their Seafood Gifts page lists several well-thought-out gift box ideas, with their most popular gift being Alaska Red King Crab gift box (available in various weight options). Their “Alaska Variety Pack” is another a popular choice, including Alaska Dungeness Crab, Yukon Fall Silverbrite Salmon, Crab Cakes, Reindeer Sausage and Smoked Salmon Pepperoni Sticks.

Customer Service

FishEx Alaska Seafoods offers order tracking to its customers and is the only seafood market on our matrix to do so. Fresh seafood bought online is nearly always shipped overnight, using either FedEx or UPS (in this instance, FedEx). FishEx allows you to log into your account and track your order all the way to it arriving on your doorstep by hyper-linking you to FedEx’s official site, where you can monitor the transit process.

FishEx offers both email and phone (toll-free and local) as methods to contact one of their specially trained customer service representatives. Their mailing address is also listed. And if you’d like to find an answer to your question on your own, their nicely categorized FAQ section answers questions related to a variety of topics from Shipping, Coupons & Gift Certificates, Cooking Instructions and Pricing & Billing.

Shipping Options
FishEx ships all fresh and frozen orders via FedEx Overnight (signature required upon delivery). They ship nationwide, with their base shipping price always $29.99, plus $1.95/lb after that. You can also track your order via your account on their site. All orders are shipped in insulated shipping boxes with dry ice or gel packs, and with packing peanuts to ensure stability. FishEx does not ship internationally.

Payment Methods
They accept most major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover - as well as PayPal (this will be the second and last product we review that accepts this form of online banking). For customers in-person at their facility in Anchorage, checks and cash are also accepted as forms of payment.


Where FishEx really shines (other than selling beautiful fresh Alaskan seafood), is in the Community section of our matrix. They offer it all, from a newsletter to a Twitter account. Dozens of customer comments (“Testimonials”) can also be found on their site.

FishEx is the only product we reviewed that received a perfect score in the Community category; the category that exemplifies social networking. FishEx has a newsletter that’s brimming with deals and specials. Their “Weekly Seafood Specials” newsletter contains the latest market prices, FishEx’s newest specials and “What’s fresh?” info. Customer testimonials can also be found on their site (a popular thing to do among online seafood sites nowadays). Submit your own testimonial, or read the dozens of customer comments before buying.

Another noteworthy Community feature, Cade’s Blog, FishEx’s only blog (penned by the company’s owner), “explores the world of seafood,” and has entries on issues like sustainability and information on the latest King Crab Season. FishEx can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.


FishEx Alaska Seafoods is a top-notch online seafood site for shoppers interested in Alaskan seafood specialties, such as King Crab and Wild Salmon. They accept PayPal, offer fantastic weekly specials and sell delicious in-house prepared foods like King Crab Bisque, breaded King Crab Claws and Crab & Artichoke Dip. From their shipping discounts and order tracking to their abundant recipes and how-to videos, it’s hard not to love, and therefore recommend, FishEx Alaska Seafoods.