Catalina Offshore Products Review

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How we started
This is the story of how Dave Rudie, a professional sea urchin diver, transformed his day job into the thriving seafood enterprise Catalina Offshore Products Inc. Diving for sea urchins and seaweed during the day, he and his wife Kathy processed them in their garage in the evenings. Dave, Kathy, or Dave’s sister, Julie, made fresh seafood deliveries the following day. After a short time, the business grew and Dave rented a processing plant part-time in the evening and hired five employees to help him process the sea urchins. Now Catalina Offshore Products brings the highest quality fresh seafood to you along with sushi making supplies so that you can enjoy the pleasure of sushi from your own home.

The highest quality customer service
Twenty-five years later, we are one of the largest seafood import and export companies in California because of our constantly growing satisfied customer base. Catalina has more than 60 employees dedicated to providing the highest quality seafood and customer service working in the San Diego plant. Our product line has been expanded to include a wide range of high quality fresh and frozen fish, abalone, scallops, lobsters, unagi, masago, maguro, hamachi and premium sea urchin. Dave and Kathy still run the day-to-day operations to ensure high quality seafood and excellent service for all their customers.

The highest quality seafood
We buy our fresh seafood directly from reputable fishermen who catch our seafood throughout the pristine waters of Southern California and Baja California. Catalina Offshore Products technicians have trained these fishermen in the strict handling procedures necessary to preserve exceptional freshness and optimum quality. Most fishing is done with hand lines to sustain the environment and maintain our natural resources. Every boat contains chill tanks to ensure exceptional freshness, and we pick up the fish as it comes to the harbor or beach.

All of our sushi/sashimi grade fresh seafood is an extremely high quality product that is used in many sushi bars such as hamachi, vana and maguro. Frozen Seafood is kept in -20 degrees coolers until you order it. Our 16,000 square foot processing plant is HACCP Compliant, and all of our products and procedures are FDA approved. Purchase your home sushi kit today and choose your favorite fish: hamachi, vana, unagi, masago, maguro to name a few and begin creating sushi just like the finest Sushi chef.